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The Start of a new Track and Field Officials Directory

July 24, 2020

The Sport of Athletics or 'Track and Field' as it is known across the Pond is going through a transitional stage.  The Sport is coming to the end of an era and now must change in order to survive. 

A Sport that has long been based around a volunteer led system simply cannot compete with other big sports such as Football, Tennis and Cycling.  This must change or in the coming years the sport will find its grass roots competitions dry up with a lack of officials to put on any level of event.  

In other countries Young Athletes are trained up to be Timekeepers, Starters and Track and Field Officials.  They are then paid to attend and officiate at Grass Roots Athletics Competitions.  This has a real advantages in the modern world  as not only can the Young Official earn some extra money but also they get to learn the other side of the sport that is too often overlooked.

How Many Young Athletes would complain to the Timekeeper or Field Official if they themselves had experienced what it was like on the other side of the sport.  

Of course there is still a huge need for more senior officials  but the sport cannot rely purely on the retired community for all of its needs.  This has been put into the limelight recently with the COVID-19 crisis that has meant most officials fall under the 'vulnerable' category and quiet rightly are self isolating.

In order for the sport to become more professional we must start acting more professionally with officials being paid expenses and a payment to compensate them for their time spent officiating.  

With this in mind SETAFA has setup an officials Directory.  This will allow Event Organizers to have the choice when it comes to filling their quota of much need officials to put on a quality event.

Please contact us to add yourself for free to the directory and allow Event Organizers to connect with the many fully trained officials


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