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School Years 4 to 6

Takes Place at The Mountbatten Centre Athletics Track, Portsmouth from 9.00am until 10.00am. 
Please feel free to turn up and take part.
Cost is £5 per child

Quadkids Team

The Athletic Pathway Begins

Hayley Greenwood

Quadkids - Fundamntals

Paul Jones

Mini Quadkids and Quadkids

What is Quadkids

A nationally proven athletics concept endorsed and supported by England Athletics

An inclusive team event of 4 girls and 4 boys primarily for school years 3 to 8

Includes the four core disciplines of running, throwing, jumping and sprinting - hence 'Quad'

Athletes' performances are scored against results tables and the team with the highest cumulative points is the winner

It's easy to organise (in its simplest form it can be run with just two supervisors), can take place anywhere and doesn't require access to an athletics track

It can be run either within a school or club, or even on a virtual league basis

It requires a minimum of equipment; Stopwatch, measuring tape, standing long jump mat, 75m & 600m markers, and Vortex Howler throwing implement.

QuadKids regional co-ordinators can often help on the day and the QuadKids website is the resource to download results sheets and manuals - just click here website

Access to the QuadKids website captures all match performance data and provides a dynamic league table of results

It is a simple, effective and inclusive way of getting more children to participate in physical activity, helping LEAs and schools meet their National Curriculum Key Stage 2/3 targets

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