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Sponsorship and Partnership

The South of England Athletics Academy and its sister organisation Setafa Sports are looking for potential Sponsors and Partners in a new Professional Athletics Circuit for the United Kingdom.

Last Year we ran 3 events (2 evening and 1 Daytime) as a template and test to see what format works best for a Pro Event

We gave out over £1000 in Prize money over 3 events and the format worked fantastically. In 2022 we hope to put on a series of events along the M3 Corridor with various Hosting Tracks. The Format of the Events are as follows

Evening Pro Event

U11s 75m Free Entry for club attached to hosting track

U13s+ standard 100m

U15s+ 2 Round 100m Event with Prize Money (Round 1)

300m U15s+

400m U17s+

200m U13s+

800m U13s+

U15s+ 2 Round 100m Event with Prize Money (Finals)

The 100m Round 1 is then seeded with the the 8 fastest runners from round 1 competing for the prize money in the A final and then the next 8 into the B Final etc etc

We are looking for a Sponsor initially for the 100m thus allowing the prize money to be raised and distributed further down the field.

We believe this to be a very aspirational Event where young athletes through the age groups can aspire to be the athletes in the Finals. We will also be helping athletes to buy equipment and pay for their training to help in their journey within the sport.

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