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Updated: May 21, 2021

Master Heats May 23rd
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Master Pools May 23rd
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Dear Athlete

Thankyou for entering our Track and Field Competition on the 23rd May at The Mountbatten Centre. It will be a privilege to welcome you to the track

Covid-19 has caused much disruption to events and we are very happy that we can finally welcome back spectators to help provide a great atmosphere.

Below is the new Covid-19 Guidelines provided by England Athletics Spectators are now able to come in and watch some great athletics track side and Multiple Groups of 30 can all sit together. Please ensure that groups do not exceed this amount.

Whilst this is a great step forward we would still like to remind all attendees that Masks must still be worn when going indoors either to use the toilet or to buy refreshements within the centre.


During the Day we will be Piloting new ideas including:

  1. Live Streaming of the Event

  2. Use of Drone Technology

  3. Music and Commentary

  4. Live Instant Results Scoreboard

  5. Q Code Scan in of Athletes

The Mountbatten Centre requires us to ensure a disclaimer has been emailed explaining that the races and some Field Events will be Live Streamed to Youtube. That disclaimer is below.


An athletics meeting is nothing without spectators, officials and coaches plus volunteer helpers. Please show appreciation to all the volunteers who are giving their time to help this great sport. In return we will endeavor to put Spectators as close to the action as possible and to give all the athletes the exposure they deserve for their many hours of dedication.

Please look out for our other events on the website

The Track Guide can be found our homepage

On the Day please arrive 45 minutes before your 1st event. The Car Park is marked number (1) on the map and the entrance to the track is marked number (2) . The Scan in and check in area is marked as number (9) 45 minutes will allow enough time to collect your numbers, scan in and warm up. On the map below the warmup areas are marked as (6) for General Field and Track warm ups and (8) for a quiter warmup for athletes with Sensory issues and/or any other athlete with a disability. We want to make our competitions inclusive and fair for all athletes and we know this is an important and often ignored issue within the sport.

Please arrive at your field event 5 minutes before the start time to check in.

Once the track is clear from the previous event Track Marshals will take control of checking in each heat and escorting the athletes to the start line.

Spectator areas are marked

(7) Long Jump and Track

(12) High Jump

(5) Cage Throws

(3) Shot Put

(4) Javelin

The Officials Area and PA System is marked as number (10) and the Track Results Screen is marked as (11)

Site Map
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St John Ambulance will be in attendance and we wish you the very best of luck and hope for some great performances

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