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Entering a new Era

We are now moving into the New and hopefully more prosperous Year of 2021. The Academy was set up in early 2000 and has gone from strength to strength. We managed to put on 2 competitions inbetween lockdowns even if they were not quite the format we had been hoping for. Both events were very successful in their own way but it would have been nice to really push the razzamatazz element and the feeling of bringing together a group of fantastic people. The Academy and the Events section is a forward thinking institute. We are open to all ideas, thoughts, advice and help in order to make this sport great again. We are looking to the future of what this sport can be and where it needs to be. We do not want to look backwards but only forwards into what we see as an exciting future for the sport and its Coaches, Athletes and Officials. Nothing can replace the roar of the crowd and the excitement and adrenaline that brings.

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