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Covid-19 Guidance

As a sport we should be very grateful that the government has allowed grass root sport to continue for U18s even in a Tier 3 environment. The past year has been difficult and the threat of another lockdown is a possible reality. The rules for Outdoor track athletics is very clear in 1 Coach up to 12 athletes and 2 Coaches 15 athletes. The maximum is 15 per group even if you have 10 coaches. There is a Grey area in whether an Assistant Coach qualifies as 1 of those coaches but the previous advice was 2 fully qualified coaches. Every Athlete, Parent, Coach. Assistant Coach, have a moral responsibility to ensure Health and Safety guidelines are followed at all times during training especially now when lives are at risk from Covid-19. Every Coach is putting themselves in the firing line but they do so knowing the risks to themselves. If a Coach is blatently breaking Health and Safety advice by having too many athletes in one group or positioning that large group in such a way to put other coaches or athletes at risk it is down to other Coaches to step in. Do not leave it to someone else to question the Health and Safety consequences of others actions. Even an assistant coach should be questioning a level 2 coach if he or she is ignoring Health and Safety Guidance. Next time you see another coach not following track etiquette or not following current Health and Safety Advice remember it is your responsability to act. No one has the right to put you or other athletes at risk of infection by their actions

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