A Big Thankyou to everyone

On behalf of SETAFA I would like to thank everyone involved in putting on a great event on the 25th May. For all the Athletes Junior Through to Masters and Parents and Friends Supporting

Also a Big Thankyou to all the Coaches involved in supporting the potential stars of the future

And of course a massive thanks to these amazing guys who have supported us and continue to support these events

The Fantastic Ben Kennard - Chief Starter

The Multi Talented Charlie Craddock - Track assistant

The Amazing Sally Stevens - Track Referee

The Great Nigel Harding - Chief Timekeeper

The Freezing Cold Luke at Justiming

The Plonker on the Microphone whoever he was

The Many Parent helpers who moved Blocks and called out names

The Energetic John Stansfield - Field Referee

The Ever Enthusiastic Vicky Taylor - Field Official

The Super Cool Malcolm Wise - EDM Controller

The Inspirational Janet Smith - Field Official

The Supportive Karen Hunt - Field Official

The Fabulous Kaye Adamson - Field Official

Super Simon Brain - Field Official

The Talented Elizabeth Adamson - Field Official

The Wonderful Jackie Chandler - Field Official

The Delightful Ian Mulvaney - Field Official

The Superb Caroline Rutter - Field Official

Awesome Andy Barham - Field Offical

The Considerate Charmaine Healy - Field Official.

The Energetic Mark Fairbairn - Field Official

The Fantastic Anja Fairbairn - Field Official

The Great Gabby Jones on the Checkin Desk

Smiling Sam Kershaw on the Checkin Desk

And the Perfect Paul Jones of course

And of Course the many many Parent Helpers and Bron Carter

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