2nd SETAFA Throws Festival Moved to 11th October

Hello Athletes

Due to unseen circumstances we have had to reschedule the 2nd installment of the SETAFA Throws Festival until the 11th October.  As an England Athletics Affiliated Event Provider on the 18th August we emailed The Mountbatten Centre with our intention of putting on the event.  We then successfully applied for a licence for the event and opened up the Entry System.  When we went to confirm the booking with the correct Paperwork it seems another club had jumped in and booked the track without having to show the Licence.  Unfortunately they would not surrender the booking.

We also agreed to share the event with this 2nd Party who have since refused the opportunity.

We therefore have decided to allow the other Party to put on a small event after the huge success of our first event

We understand if you wish to receive a refund and of course we will honour all such requests.  I would be grateful if you could let me know if you wish to transfer over to the event on the 11th or if you would prefer a refund.

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