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Coaching the Shot Put

The shot put is a track and field event involving "putting" (pushing rather than throwing) a heavy spherical ball—the shot—as far as possible. The shot put competition for men has been a part of the modern Olympics since their revival in 1896, and women's competition began in 1948.


My Name is Bronwin Carter and Iam a Level 4 Athletics Coach specializing in Throws including Discus, Shot and Javelin. I was also part of the GB coaching team at the Athens and Beijing Paralympic Games. Iam also a UKA Strength and Conditioning Coach and Iam a former Powerlifter.

Bronwin Carter

Coaching Advisor


My name is Paul and Iam currently an assistant coach who has worked with Bronwin Carter for many years. I have recently applied for the level 2 coaches course and Iam close to graduating with flying colours.  Iam a well respected Shot Put Coach and my own daughter has won many titles and smashed many shot put records.

Paul Jones
Level 1 Assistant Coach Throws

Based at The Mountbatten Centre


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